The Work-Life Super Class

They look so so good. Polished. Pressed. Accessorized. There is no late-school drop off for this crew. No weakening in front of the vending machine. Or missed deadlines. Or excuses. Or sub-par performance reviews. Or thought that isn’t elegantly articulated.

There is a sub-class of the worker species who seem all Nietzsche super class when it comes to finessing their work-life balance. They bathe. They comb their kids’ hair. They are on time. They shake it at work. That’s just how they roll. A lot of people want to be them.

Are these super humans human? Or a super myth? Is one born this way? Or can the super human work-life thing be learned?

Please tell us your tales from the work-life firing lines. We want to help our readers feel less psychotic when it comes to their work life balance. Let’s start with this: does anyone really have one?