Shouldn't a best-cities-in-the-world list include New York and London?

Copenhagen topped the list of the world’s best cities, according to London-based lifestyle magazine Monocle. But what surprised me is that the list, which measures quality of life, skipped over London and New York (both tops on my list). Interestingly, the magazine chose to include two U.S. cities — Honolulu and Minneapolis — and not more obvious choices such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or San Francisco.

What would your list include?

This is what London’s The Independent said about the list.

Cities usually considered big-hitters were notable in their absence. Neither New York nor London – which was lambasted by philosopher and writer Alain de Botton for its “bland” developments – made it into the 20 featured locations. To be thus neglected by Monocle magazine, which since it was set up 18 months ago by the Wallpaper* founder Mr Brûlé, has established itself as the observer of things cool and contemporary, will come as a shock to both cities.

Here were the winners:

Best cities for quality of life 1 Copenhagen 2 Munich 3 Tokyo 4 Zürich 5 Helsinki 6 Vienna 7 Stockholm 8 Vancouver 9 Melbourne 10 Paris 11 Sydney 12 Honolulu 13 Madrid 14 Berlin 15 Barcelona 16 Montreal 17 Fukuoka 18 Amsterdam 19 Minneapolis 20 Kyoto *Best global city : Paris *Best business city: Madrid *Best cultural city: Berlin *Best design city: Copenhagen *Best retail city: Fukuoka

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