Build Creativity into Your Culture

Innovation, creativity, and divining what’s next are challenges for businesses of every stripe, particularly small companies vying with industry leaders. Here are several ideas that have worked well over the years in our culture at Catapult Thinking.

Whisks. Build an informal meeting structure into your culture where different teams can get together and break eggs. We call ours "Whisks." These meetings are an easy way for teams to jumpstart thinking about a project by tapping on their colleagues for fresh insight. And a standing pizza-for-ideas arrangement keeps all teams ready to participate.

Zealot Research. Responding to cranky customers is not nearly as engaging as talking to your most over-the-top advocates about what wows them and then determining how to bottle it. Zealots make the branding world go around. Lock in a regular appointment to talk with them.

Dollar Store CSI. Everyone loves a market winner. But the scrap heap of history also makes for interesting retail forensics. Good ideas that are DOA due to poor execution can provide a starting point for new projects. Dropping a few dollars to understand what went wrong can prove to be an interesting lens for understanding what to do next.

Peripheral Envisioning. What if your product were a service? What if your service were a product? If it were a service or a product, what brand of service or product would it be? Brand analogies can be pure oxygen for discussions about reframing an offer.

Michael Mooney Partner Catapult Thinking Boston

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