McCain Doubling Down On Military Service

John McCain has begun to respond to Democratic attacks that he a candidate more about war than peace.

This new ad, titled: “Safe,” includes biography about the McCain family’s long military service, including the Senator’s own five year captivity.

It seems a bit odd to spend 30 seconds talking about military service to try and make the point that “I hate war.” But the emphasis on military service is aimed squarely at Hillary Clinton supporters who said they would not vote for Barack Obama. Those voters are overwhelmingly white, working-class men with whom the McCain campaign believes the candidate’s military service and family tradition will resonate.

It’s a risky creative strategy. I would like to see McCain delivering the same message, while, perhaps, walking with a playground of children in the background. The message of the ad is that McCain will keep us safe. But the emphasis on military service feels out of step at a time when it is being proven that the country with the biggest army and the most bombs and tanks doesn’t necessarily win in 21st century.

Talking about military service experience in a vacuum, staring statically into the camera, doesn’t quite make the point.