Tales from the Pump

High gas prices are keenly felt in Connecticut, where drivers fill up on some of the nation's most expensive fuel and share stories of how they cope

It's a sunny Friday afternoon in Bridgeport, Conn., and drivers are feeling the pain as they pull in to the Freedom Premium Fuels service station. Nate Carter, a polished young salesman for the Cumulus Media (CMLS) radio network, watches the gas pump tick past $60 and then $65 as he fills up his car. "I'm probably going to sell it within a month," he says, nodding to the sleek, silver Nissan 350Z. He loves the car, but he's going to trade it in for a more fuel-efficient Nissan (NSANY) Altima to save on gas expenses. "It's not worth paying the extra money," he says. "It becomes a luxury at a certain point."

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