Malkin Not Just Wrong...But Lazy. That's What Is Offensive.

Most of the comments about my rant against conservative commentator Michelle Malkin and her cause against paisley and donuts drew support. There were some comments I could not approve because of the use of salty language. A few came into my e-mail box, rather than in the form of posts.

But I figure I would address one complaint from the Malkin supporters. My targeting of Malkin has nothing to do with her right-wing politics. She is entitled. What I was targeting was her exploitive intellectual laziness in virtually all her arguments, and the ease with which Dunkin Donuts caved in to her.

Malkin is part of the brigade who insists people who want to see the U.S. end the occupation of Iraq are for “surrender” and do not support the troops. She insists that shrapnel wounds suffered by Sen. John Kerry in Vietnam were self inflicted with no evidence. She called for Transportation Secty. Norman Mineta to step down from his post because his internment during WW2 as a Japanese American clouds his objectivity. Shall I go on? She doesn’t think. She is just a water carrier.

Recently, Malkin flamed the owners of Absolut vodka over an ad in Mexico that showed a 19th century map of the country representing Mexican territory extending into what is now California and Texas. She says this ad showed Absolut fanning the flames of the “reconquista” movement that wants to see those territories restored to Mexico. Malkin believes Latinos who protested a House bill aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration believe in “reconquista.” Malkin added that “the intellectual underpinnings of reconquista are embraced by the vast majority of mainstream Hispanic politicians.” Wrong! Lazy! But thanks for playing our game.

These sorts of things are false, of course. An Asian-American, Malkin also shows an odd and ironic affinity for defending racial profiling, a subject on which she wrote an entire book.

And, of course, she seems to have a real problem with paisley. Instead of going after Rachel Ray for wearing an obvious pro-terrorism paisley scarf, she should be going after Ray for her lame performance on Million Dollar Password.

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