General Motors Goes Green.

SO GM is closing four truck and SUV plants and expanding assembly lines for smaller compact cars. No wonder. Americans are finally starting to buy hybrids and gas-sipping compacts in a huge way. Treehugger has the stats.

We’re waiting for a plug-in hyrbrid (the Chinese are working on one). GM is planning on launching the plug-in Volt in 2010—a year and a half from now.

We also need longer lasting batteries that can be recycled. The Tesla plug-in batteries are made in Japan and are less toxic than others.

Let’s see. If the US government had raised taxes on gas years ago so it cost $4 a gallon, we would have had all the big changes in the market we are now experiencing but instead of send billions overseas to kingdoms, dictators and folks who want to zap us, we could have used the same dough for, what? Education, mass transporation, renewal energy—and defense. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

And check out my buddy and Detroit-watcher David Kiley on trading in his Bimmer. If you’ve got a gas-guzzler, it’s worth a lot less on trade-in today than yesterday.

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