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The importance of the BRIC counties continues to grow, with their weights now representing 56.4% of the Emerging markets, 5.78% of the combined world (Emerging and Developed) markets, and 9.72% of the ex/U.S. market.

Currently the U.S has 40.5% of the weighting, followed by Japan with 9.00% and the U.K. with 8.61%. Brazil (through May,’08: YTD 18.69%, 12-months 68.97%), that was 17th at year-end, is now 10th, with 1.92% (3.23% ex/U.S) of the weight, and was 1.53% (13th) at year-end 2007 and 0.87% (17th) at year-end 2006.

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