Turning Over a New Leaf at BookExpo

At its annual trade show, the book publishing industry seemed intent on finding ways to use less paper and shrink its carbon footprint

At BookExpo America, the book publishing industry's annual trade confab that took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, green was the hot new color. The trade show typically draws around 30,000 editors, booksellers, publicists, agents—and authors looking for a moment in the limelight. On May 30, a half-dozen workshops considered such topics as "Climate Change and the Book Industry" and "Buying, Packaging & Publishing Green Books: The Publisher's Perspective." The gathering's keynote address that morning, "Green Is the New Red, White, and Blue," was delivered by New York Times writer Thomas Friedman, whose forthcoming book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, looks at the impact of the combination of climate change, globalization, and population explosion. And there were plenty of advocates for environment-friendly e-books, including Amazon.com (AMZN) founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, who spoke about his Kindle e-book reader to an auditorium packed with several hundred conventioneers.

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