Obama at Google on a National Innovation Policy.

Thank you Gustavo Munoz for pointing out this YouTube video of Barack Obama talking at Google a year ago about innovation.

Here are the outlines of an Obama National Innovation Policy:

1- Network neutrality. Keep the internet open.

2- Broadband access. Connect everyone to very fast broadband.

3- Use technology to open democracy. Put government data online in accessible formats. Allow people to track earmarks, regulation and other lobbying efforts. Have citizens participate in forums on pending legislation and regulation.

4- Appoint a national Chief Technology Officer.

5- Make technology literacy a fundamental part of education. Give children the skills to compete globally.

6- Create electronic medical records that are safe.

7- End additional to oil with clean and renewable energy.

8- Double federal funding of basic research.

9- Make the federal R&D tax credit permanent.

10- Do comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens the HIb program.

My own take on this—which is a year old—is that it relies on technology as a savior rather than innovation which is a powerful methodology of creating new options to deal with new and old problems. Above all, innovation focusses on the individual first—student, consumer, voter, patient, traveler—and then uses technlogy to help that person with their needs and wants. I would like to see a Chief Innovation Officer for the country, not just a Chief Tech Officer.

But this is a good start for Obama.