McCain's Ad Spending Now Will Come Back To Haunt Him in October

The WSJ today notes that GOP presidential hopeful John McCain has been running ads in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania that sell the Arizona Senator as a true conservative who has the best economic interests of hard working Americans as his top priority.

In Laura Meckler’s piece, she quotes Evan Tracey of TNS Media Intelligence saying that the ads are “particularly effective because nobody is airing competing ads to counter them.” I totally disagree. Spending money today to runs ads like this one:

…in Ohio is not very wise or effective. I suspect McCain is going to wish he had that money back in October. There is a disposability of ads like this one. It’s like a car dealer ad pushing a $500 rebate. And it will have almost no staying power in the minds of voters five months from now.

The problems in McCain’s campaign staff are well known. One of the raps on his campaign has been that he not only doesn’t know how to raise money, but that he doesn’t know how to spend it or save it. This ad strategy backs that up.

The millions McCain is spending now in swing states is better spent after Labor Day. When they are running low in cash in mid October, and eight points back in the polls, they will know I was right.

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