Write 140-char resumes for BW

Calling all entries: BusinessWeek is looking for 140-character resumes of top CEOs, politicians, and everybody else.

A colleague at the magazine latched onto the quote in our story by Amanda Mooney that the new resume, fitted for Twitter, is 140 characters. This editor’s idea is to have a small story featuring a selection of 140-character resumes.

Anybody want to play? It’s a little like haiku. You can write a resume of a celebrity CEO or politician, or even for promotional types, yourself. The only condition is that when I cut and paste the resumes into the Twitter box, they fit.

I put out a preliminary call for these resumes a couple of days ago on Twitter and got back a couple of Steve Jobs resuwitters:

@ggroovin wrote: CEO, Apple - brought back co from brink to tech leader; Pixar CEO - saved then joined Disney; Next - ok next; chief creator: Mac

@michaelocc, quoting Fake Steve Jobs, wrote: The Jobs one already exists: “Dude, I invented the friggin iPhone. Have you heard of it?”

Here was my personal stab: Me: NYC BizWeek/Blogspotting writer on blogs, clouds and math, ex Caracas,ElPaso,MexCity,Pitt,Paris. Twits,bikes. Book Numerati out in Sept.

Anyway, if you’re inspired, please leave resuwitters in comments. By the way, some people, as I noted the other day, are offended by the shallowness of a 140-char resume. Just for the record, I think the job-hunting value of Twitter is in the connections made, not in the information packed into one single minipost. This is just for fun.

UPDATE: I appreciate all the resuwitters. Just one note: For the magazine, we especially need ones for the CEOs and business celebs. So keep sending your own, but also consider doing one for poor old Bill Gates or Jerry Yang.

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