Good Time For a blog about horse racing

(Another post from traveling Heather) I grew up riding horses and watching steeplechase racing. That’s the kind of races run over fields of grass rather than dirt. So, I used to love watching the Triple Crown and normally I would really find the next three weeks exciting. Big Brown won the first two legs and now is gunning for Belmont and that rarified spot in history. Yet, it feels like there’s a reassessment of racing that’s going on since Barbaro and Eight Belles died.

Of course, horse racing isn’t integral to Americans the way it used to be. So it almost seems beyond the point for people to recognize how tough the way we race in the U.S. is on horses. And yet.

You might ask, why blog about that here? But last time I blogged about Barbaro, the discussion was fascinating. And I would bet there are plenty of people out there thinking the same thing as me. So for a sport that’s trying to save itself, maybe a little social media interaction, say a blog around the next three weeks addressing questions about how many horses break down, what happens after they stop racing, and what kind of control is there over steroid and other drugs, might be a good idea.

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