The 140-character resume: a celebration of glib?

Lots of interesting comments to Beyond Blog cover. Chris Boese objects to the idea of a 140-character resume:

…While some employers may like the elevator pitch resume, I’d say the value for the time-stressed is traded off in terms of “you get what you pay for.” A company of one-liner employees? Did they all get their degrees from mail-order 3-month universities? At least they’ll be able to boil ideas down to Power Point slides, but the ideas will be as light-weight and shallow as the mind-set that spawned them…

I disagree. The point is to establish contact with the hook. The elevator pitch, or the twittered resume, opens the door and wins the applicants a closer look. At that point, they presumably have to offer up something of substance. Are there exceptions, where the pitch alone sells? Maybe Hollywood.

In fact, I’m so taken with the 140-character resume that I’m mulling a new project. More later.

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