Chevy Green Web: What Kind of Conversational Marketing?

Chevy's Green Web has features a lot more marketing than conversation

Who Am I Talking With Anyway? (This is another post from Heather)

Federated Media launched a site recently for Chevy that has had me thinking. It’s called Green Web and it pulls together posts from around the Web covering green issues. John Battelle describes it as a part of ” an ongoing trend I’m seeing where marketers are providing a service to their potential customers in the form of supporting authentic media, as opposed to creating their own content and hoping it takes off.”

Here’s the thing. Chevy telling me about the news in green issues feels like a little bit of deflecting. Chevy says on the site that it wants to start a conversation. But if that’s the case, I would expect the site to be all about the technologies that will make cars more fuel efficient and less damaging in terms of resources used and carbon dioxide emitted. And I would expect Chevy’s folks to be contributing their own news about what they’re doing.

That’s not what Green Web is about. Sure, there’s a channel about auto news, but it’s that’s not the focus.

I am not knocking Chevy so much, or FM. I just am not crazy about this kind of marketing that tries to generate a good, cool vibe that doesn’t give me any insight or access into the expertise or knowledge of the people behind that brand. If the idea of conversational marketing is to engage the brand, then how can you do that if they’re not talking about what they sell and make? This isn’t the kind of thing that convinces me that conversational marketing is authentic.

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