The Dull-But-Necessary Disclosure Post

Rather than do those annoying

Rather than do those annoying “full disclosure” parentheticals in midspot, I’ve decided to get this all done in one place and then link to it as needed.

I am under contract to NBC Universal's CNBC to provide on-air commentary.

I am married to Laurel Touby, founder and senior vice-president of, which is a fully owned subsidiary of JupiterMedia.

My brother, Neil Fine, is executive editor for ESPN The Magazine.

My employer before I came to BusinessWeek was Advertising Age. Before that I freelanced for a ridiculously wide range of publications, none of which I had any kinds of contractual arrangements with and none of which I've been paid to write for since 2000.

If you see me speaking onstage at a media conference, I'm not getting paid to appear there. And in all such cases, either I or BusinessWeek, not the events' organizers, have paid for my travel arrangements.

At various times in the past twenty years, I've gotten paid (small sums) by independent music labels, in conjunction with bands I've been a member of. (The most relevant bands in this regard are Bitch Magnet and Coptic Light.) Some of the following labels are now defunct, but a complete-ish list includes Communion, No Quarter, Glitterhouse, Dot Line Circle, Shigaku, and Waterfront. There's a reasonable chance I'm forgetting one or two. I will add them if this is the case.

Lastly, I strongly dislike The New York Yankees and editor-rock.

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