Google Health--Who Can You Trust With Your Medical Records?

I’ve been looking at the new Google Health site. It can organize all your health records and link you up to other people with your own medical problems.

So the question is how much do you trust Google and other folks to protect your medical privacy? Or do you even care about medical privacy?

Privacy is one of those big issues that cleave the GenXers and Boomers right down the middle. Over 50=worried about privacy. Under 30=not worried about privacy. Yes, of course, with caveats and all. But members on our Innovation & Design team who are in their 20s put stuff up on their Facebook page that I would never reveal. It’s just culture. And maybe that’s it. Culture. But maybe it’s more than culture. Insurance companies still restrict coverage to people who have genetic dispositions to certain diseases. Lots of men and women hesitate to marry and have children with people who have genetic dispositions to certain diseases. And we’re talking about a 3%-5% higher risk, nothing major.

Over at BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis has joined Google Health and revealed his atrial fib. Jeff is talking to others with this condition and finding good information and support.

So….Google Health? Not for me yet. You?

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