Facebook To Overhaul User Profile Design

Facebook is about to do a big redesign of the face that its users present to their friends and the public. (Sample of the feed page below.) Right now, the profile page is a melange of personal info, posts, lists of friends, applications, photos, and so on—sometimes a glorious melange, sometimes rather a confused mess. The new design will be more organized, with separate tabs for feeds (posts and other fast-changing info by the user, his or her friends, and Facebook applications), info (basic personal info that doesn’t change much), photos (one of Facebook’s most popular applications), boxes (bringing together Facebook applications into one tab), and custom applications (tabs created by users for their favorite applications).

Developers will be able play around with this later this week, and a few weeks from now, the new profile will be opened up to users. Sounds like details could change as Facebook gets feedback. TechCrunch has more details of the press gathering today where the profile design was outlined. Nick O’Neill of allfacebook.com isn’t so sure about the new design yet.

It’s not yet clear to me whether this will help Facebook find new ways to come up with innovative advertising models it needs to fulfill the very high expectations around the site’s commercial potential. But the goal clearly is forging even higher engagement with users, which potentially should help Facebook get advertisers more interested in their users.

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