Are You Growing Too Fast?

In business, growth is always a good thing. But if you don’t plan properly, you may find yourself struggling when growth happens fast.

When you’re growing quickly, be sure you don’t lose sight of the "sweet spot" that got you to where you are now. You won your customers’ business for a reason, be it an outstanding product, a cool brand, or impressive service. If you let the quality slip, you will not only disappoint your customers but you’ll also tarnish the great reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you feel the pace of business picking up, it’s a good idea to ask your team the following questions:

• What is our "sweet spot"? Why have we attracted so many new customers?

• Are we still giving our customers the same level of service and support we did before things got hectic? What do we need to do to maintain that?

• Is there a way to better distribute work among our staff to ensure everything is done in a high-quality and timely fashion?

• Have we planned for the supplies and equipment we’ll need to support our growing demand?

Matthew Lautz CEO Brevient Technologies Milwaukee

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