Increase Engagement with Virtual Worlds

In any advertising or marketing campaign, success boils down to engagement. This is particularly true for small businesses, which lack the huge marketing budgets of more established brands. If your customers aren’t seeing and interacting with your brand, your company fails to flourish. However, working within the confines of a tight budget doesn’t prohibit smaller companies from moving away from traditional online advertising toward more innovative ways to reach consumers on the Web.

Virtual worlds continue to rise steadily in popularity and can offer businesses an opportunity to reach consumers when they are consciously engaged in socializing with friends and the setting around them, which may include a branded environment. As opposed to print, television, or other Web-based campaigns, those run in virtual worlds reach consumers when they are more likely to be receptive to and immersed in their surroundings. Some recent statistics show huge increases in consumers engaging with advertising in a virtual world as opposed to other online mediums, from only a few seconds to close to 10 minutes. And remember, you don’t have to start big; companies can do a small and fairly inexpensive test run by creating some branded virtual world merchandise and offering it for sale within the world.

By carefully selecting a virtual world that reaches customers within your audience and ensuring the provider is knowledgeable in targeted, customized campaigns, your business can see an increase in the amount of time consumers spend interacting with your brand, a return definitely worth the investment.

Michael Wilson Chief Executive Officer Makena Technologies Laguna Beach, Calif.

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