Asia to Get iPhone Later This Year

SingTel and three of its telco associates have confirmed they will bring Apple's iPhone to Singapore, India, the Philippines, and Australia

SingTel in Singapore, India's Bharti Airtel, the Philippines' Globe Telecom and Australia's Optus said they will bring the popular device to their respective countries "later this year", although SingTel could not specify whether this would be in the third or fourth quarter of the year.

The Singapore-based telco could not comment on whether the device would be 3G-enabled and if each region would get it at the same time.

ZDNet Asia previously reported sources speculating that SingTel would eventually win distribution rights for the iPhone.

However, CNet Asia carried a report today quoting rival Singapore telco, StarHub, saying all three operators in the country are expected to offer the device eventually, which means SingTel may not have won exclusivity.

A recent shortage of iPhones in the United States has also prompted some to speculate that the 3G version of the device would be making its debut soon--possibly the model which would arrive in Asia, too, although Apple and SingTel have declined to comment on this area.

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