Business @ Work

Business @ Work

The workplace can be complicated. How do you advance your career, especially in a sluggish economy? How do you deal with a boss who doesn't appreciate you, or manage an unruly underling? How do you strike a work-life balance that works for your family? How do you keep motivating your team—and yourself?

In a mid-August Special Issue, BusinessWeek will publish a groundbreaking collaboration between the magazine and its readers that will harness the strengths of the digital and print worlds to identify pressing workplace problems. Our aim is not just to pinpoint conundrums, however; we (and I mean all of us) want solutions. And with your help—and the wise counsel of experts, gurus, and consultants—we will find them.

Beginning on May 5 and over the course of the next month at, we are asking you to vote for the topics and concerns you would most like to see addressed. Our editors have come up with a list, but feel free to add to it. At the end of the month, we will use your responses to guide us as we whittle the list to six topics.

Then from June 9-30, you will have a chance to submit essays, comments, and videos to chronicling the biggest challenges you face in any of the six categories—and how you have grappled with them. You can also send entries to us by snail mail. (Please address them Attn: Business@Work.) At the end of June, selected submissions will be posted on our Web site for comment.

Using your contributions as a core, we will build a rich multimedia package—with articles and videos at, the Special Issue of the magazine in mailboxes and on newsstands, and broadcast segments on BusinessWeek TV.

We don't see this as a one-time event but as the start of an ongoing conversation with you about the business of your working life. Everybody has one, we figure, and everyone can help make everyone else's a little bit better. So find the Business@Work module at, and in a couple of clicks, you'll be on your way to what we hope will be an engaging and illuminating discussion with us and your fellow readers.

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