The coming battle over content: employee vs boss

Fantastic comments on the future of social media. Thanks so much, and keep adding. This is a work in process.

Here’s one on the future of our careers that especially caught my attention. It’s from Albert Maruggi.

Hell, everyone is their own profit and loss center. How will companies deal with personal brands that outstrip the company, that’s an issue, who actually owns the information gathered when working for a company will be a battle ground in the coming years. If a person is able to develop a personal brand while also being paid by a company and decides to cash in on the brand, should the company have an equity stake in that personal brand? Ouch, that’s a tough one.

By the way, we had Jeff Jarvis in today to talk to BW bloggers about this fine art. His point: link, link, link. It’s something I haven’t been doing enough of.

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