RNC Slimes a DNC Anti-McCain Ad

There are few things funnier these days than the Republican National Committee complaining about the Democratic National Committee over ads, and vice versa.

This is bloodsport, and the two political committees invented the rules.

This DNC ad, the second in a series, attempts to paint McCain as out of touch and in the clouds when it comes to Iraq and the economy.

With Clinton doing her best to do McCain’s work for him against Obama, it is only wise for the DNC to spend some money against McCain now.

And there is nothing wrong or factually off-base about this ad. Pundits who say the Dems have mis-used McCain’s idea of staying in Iraq for a 100 years, are wrong. Yes, he was comparing a troop occupation to that of Germany and South Korea, but Germany was a defeated enemy that surrendered. U.S. troops are not fighting the Iraq army so far as I know.

The RNC thinks this ad is unfair, and wants it pulled.

This isn’t even the most damning image of McCain with Bush. Moveon.org prefers the image of McCain in the full body hug with Bush. We’ll be seeing a lot of that between here and November,

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