Seeking Energy


When recruiting, I look for a combination of drive, curiosity, and ethics— qualities that all seem fairly typical. But there is an additional attribute that I believe is essential for success in any environment, and that is a high level of energy.

Being successful in any company—no matter what stage of development it may be in—takes enormous energy: energy to wear many hats, energy to tackle all of the ups and downs, energy to make the right decisions and follow through on them. If there’s little energy shown during the hiring process—when the excitement about the prospective relationship should be highest from both parties—then there certainly won’t be much energy later on.

Each company has its own culture and objectives. However, it has been my experience that people who have the desire and the energy to succeed—and who can also ask the right questions, make smart judgment calls, and persevere through the unknown—can accomplish almost anything.

Caroline Vanderlip CEO SharedBook New York

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