Aluratek's Big Step in Internet Radio

The new alarm clock radio from Aluratek has drawbacks, but it offers the joys of listening to broadcast programs from around the world

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Easy setup when using an Ethernet connection

The Bad: Setup is trickier over Wi-Fi. No AM tuner.

The Bottom Line: A promising start for Internet-connected radios.

When I was a boy, I wanted a shortwave radio. I was fascinated by the idea of listening to radio programs from around the world. I didn't get one until I was an adult, by which time the reason I had wanted one was diminished: In recent years, most of the national radio services around the world have stopped or cut back on their shortwave broadcasting, opting instead to broadcast via the Web. Britain's BBC is a prime example. Some years ago its World Service stopped broadcasting directly into North America via shortwave.

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