Twitter and the Odyssey

I had a four-hour delay at O’Hare a few weeks ago, and I picked up the Odyssey. I’ve been reading it on and off ever since. As I write, Odysseus is back in Ithaca, about to make life miserable for a gaggle of free-loading suitors.

What I like most about the book are the glimpses of ancient life. I like seeing people strapping on their sandals, tightening the cords holding up their beds, and “wiping the tables down with sopping sponges.” And it’s modern versions of these same details (though in limited doses) that I enjoy finding in Twitter.

You can find some in Twistori, an emotional sampler culled from Twitter. (ex Jarvis) This one pulls Twitters that use the words Love, Feel, Hate, Think, Believe, and Wish. I thought that I’d come up with a tweet including all of those words. But someone beat me to it. Sure, it lacks the earthy details of Homer, but still, not bad:

i love that i hate to admit that i think i believe what i wish for is not what i’d prefer that i feel.

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