Steven G. Pezim

CEO, managing director, The Bedford Consulting Group

Company Info: The Bedford Consulting Group

Web site:

Address: 145 Adelaide Street West, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 4E3

Phone: 416 963 9000


Advice: Build your early experience with great companies. Achieve outstanding corporate results. Surround yourself with the smartest people that complement your skills. Learn to ask great questions. Become the best listener you know. Make candor a way of life. Make your people decisions faster. Move outside of your comfort zone and take on different challenges. Get international experience. Learn at least one other language. Take calculated risks and after you have done all of your analysis go with your gut. Find a mentor or hire an executive coach. Work with executive search firms.

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: A consistent history of outstanding corporate results including a track record of building and retaining great management teams. Someone who can communicate in a concise and compelling way. Have they been successful in more than one company? Do they possess a balanced ego including humility, passion, drive, a sense of humor and authenticity. How has their leadership style affected corporate culture? What was their relationship like with the board? With customers? How have they dealt with professional and personal challenges? Do they have a healthy balance between work and personal life? Are they physically fit?

Sector specialization: technology/media/telecommunications; financial service & private equity; consumer products/retail; real estate

Job function specialization: C-Suite, Corporate Directors, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources Executives

Geographical Focus: North America

Companies I often recruit for: Alcan, Bell Canada, TD Bank Financial Group, Cadbury, Canon

Favorite historical figure: Winston Churchill

Education: Attended Univ. of Western Ontario BA incomplete

Languages: English

Employment history: The Bedford Consulting Group, Managing Director, 1979 to present

Other interests: Golf, skiing, keeping fit, high-performance driving, travel, photography, reading

Professional/Membership Affiliations: Chairman North American Region TRANSEARCH, Board of Director TRANSEARCH, Member AESC.

Experience in executive search consulting: 29 years

High Profile Placement: 2004 CanWest Global Communications Corp. multiple search project for 5 Presidents. Kathleen Dore was hired as The President of Television and was soon after promoted to President of Television and Radio

Other paths I might have pursued: Automobile dealerships and vintage restoration

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: Emerging markets of Brazil, China, India, Russia, and the global shift in demographics, technology.

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