Shelly Weiss Storbeck

Owner, managing partner, Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates

Company Info: Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates

Web site:

Address: 1400 North Providence Rd., Suite 6000, Media, Pa. 19063

Phone: 610-565-2910


Advice: Be sure to do a clear self-assessment before getting into the market for a new job (know your strengths and weaknesses), and remember, fit is everything (don't stray wildly outside your zone of comfort, since you will need to represent your institution with sincerity and true love).

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: Intelligence, integrity, and courage. The first two are self-explanatory, the last is necessary to do things without always being concerned about who will wander onto your enemy list.

Sector specialization: Educational institutions, nonprofit organizations

Job function specialization: Presidents, CEOs, executive directors, VPs, deans

Geographical Focus: Fully national practice, with offices in Los Angeles and Pennsylvania

Companies I often recruit for: Univ. of North Carolina, Colgate Univ., Bryn Mawr College, Univ. of Michigan, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Favorite historical figure: Queen Elizabeth I. She transformed England at a time when her life was in peril constantly and her gender never fully accepted for a world leader. She also spoke multiple languages and nurtured artists like Shakespeare, while commanding the British Navy.

Education: Dickinson College, BA, English/Religion, 1978; Bryn Mawr College, AM, 1982

Languages: English, weak French and German

Employment history: Storbeck/Pimentel, Managing Partner/Owner, 2007 to present; A.T. Kearney, Managing Director, Education Practice, 1992-2006; Korn/Ferry International, Senior Associate, Education Practice, 1990-92; Haverford College, Special Assistant to the President for Educational Affairs, 1985-89

Other interests: Collecting OH pottery from the 20s and 30s, waterskiing, reading/writing

Professional/Membership Affiliations: American Council on Education (ACE)

Experience in executive search consulting: 28 years

High Profile Placement: President, Univ. of Michigan; President, Carnegie Foundation; President, Univ. of North Carolina; President, Dartmouth College

Other paths I might have pursued: Teaching, as I did from 1978 to 1985. Will do it again, sometime, I hope.

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: I hope the U.S. will continue to think its international leadership role in education is important. Democracy depends on educated citizens, and our influence abroad depends on what kind of citizenry we produce here, particularly starting from early childhood through the university years. We have achieved great success at the university level, but have a long way to go in providing excellent, accessible education in those earlier years, K-12.

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