Scott E. Kingdom

Global managing director, Industrial Markets, Korn/Ferry Intl.

Company Info: Korn/Ferry Intl.

Web site:

Address: Sears Tower, 233 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 3300, Chicago, Ill. 60606

Phone: 312-526-0512


Advice: Do not be afraid to lead! Have a point of view/opinion and be passionate about it. Lead from the front for the benefit of others—not yourself—and your success will come. Do not manage for the day, the week, the quarter. Be an example of knowing right and wrong. Be the leader of common sense. Businesses lack these types of leaders; these skills are in dangerously short supply.

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: Track record. The past matters. I want to know exactly what someone has done and how and why. What were the outcomes and who helped? What were the circumstances? In business and growing up; strength of character; common sense. How do they conduct their lives—on and off the field? What is their history there—childhood, young adulthood, school, social? Who were their mentors? Role models and lessons learned matter. What failed and what did they do about it? What did they learn from it? What motivates an individual and why? What is the person's style/culture…and what will and won't fit?

Sector specialization: Industrial discreet manufacturing, industrial/consumer durables, capital goods, multinational diversified industrial manufacturers

Job function specialization: CEOs, COOs, business unit leaders

Geographical Focus: North America primarily

Companies I often recruit for: Avery Dennison; Bombardier; Schwanns; Ford Motor; Alcan

Favorite historical figure: George Washington. In addition to the obvious references to his first Presidency, I'm particularly interested in his strength of character in the face of huge adversity and overwhelmingly negative odds. He led and fought on blind faith and commitment to an idea that was thin at best and not broadly supported. He successfully led all types of men from various backgrounds and moved their behavior through influence more than might. Lastly, he somehow kept going when he was outnumbered and out-resourced and had no idea what the outcome of his efforts would be. He never gave up and led from the front.

Education: Harvard Business School Executive Education: Leadership in Professional Services Organizations; Univ. of Colorado, BS, Finance 1982

Languages: English

Employment history: Korn/Ferry International, Global Managing Director, Industrial Markets, Board of Directors, 1998-2001; Managing Director, Central U.S. Region, 1995-2002; Vice-President, 1993-95 (at the time, the youngest Korn/Ferry VP in the world); Principal, 1990-93; Senior Associate, 1988-90; Coldwell Banker, Commercial Real Estate Group, 1982-88

Other interests: Mountaineering, skiing, golf

Professional/Membership Affiliations: Board Member, Leeds School of Business, Univ. of Colorado; Board Member, Youth Guidance, Chicago

Experience in executive search consulting: 20 years

High Profile Placement: Korn/Ferry International CEO, 2001

Other paths I might have pursued: Global currency/investment trading

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: The global competition for leadership talent. Nothing happens in business without people. The most articulate business plans and strategies are worthless without leadership and execution. Today, only a fraction of businesses truly understand this and are doing what is necessary to establish themselves as premier people destinations. The game is becoming global—not just regional—and talent is becoming more and more mobile, going where it is used optimally…not unlike financial capital. Industry doesn't matter nor does product. This movement is universal and will make companies obsolete overnight if they don't get serious.

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