Janice Reals Ellig

Co-CEO, Chadick Ellig

Company Info: Chadick Ellig

Web site: www.chadickellig.com

Address: 300 Park Ave., 25th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10022

Phone: 212-688-8671

E-mail: ellig@chadickellig.com

Advice: Focus on integrity and the courage to do the right thing. It is critical to set the right course and surround yourself with others with a similar moral compass to serve employees, shareholders, and the community. High CEO turnover stems from this lack of focus.

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: Great leaders who communicate effectively, show courage to balance short- and long-term objectives, are committed to a sound strategy, hold themselves and others accountable, ensure excellence of execution, set high standards, are ethical and care about doing the right thing for their employees, clients, shareholders, and community.

Sector specialization: Insurance/retirement markets, banking, asset/investment management, private equity, specialized structured products

Job function specialization: Board directors, GMs, marketing/communications, HR, sales distribution, product development

Geographical Focus: U.S.

Companies I often recruit for: Lincoln Financial Group; U.S. Bank; MBIA; Celtic Pharma Bio Tech; Ambac

Favorite historical figure: Nefertiti. The power of this woman was impressive during a time where men ruled. And her large tomb in Luxor is quite magnificent.

Education: Rider College, MA/OD; Univ. of Iowa, BBA

Languages: English, French

Employment history: Chadick Ellig, Co-CEO, 2000 to present; Ambac Financial Group, Senior Vice-President/HR-Marketing, Facilities, 1991-2000; Citibank, Senior Vice-President, HR—Global Insurance Div.; Pfizer, HR Director—Consumer Products Director

Other interests: Writing: I've published two books and wrote a chapter in the third: Driving the Career Highway—20 Road Signs You Can't Afford to Miss; What Every Successful Woman Knows—12 Breakthrough Strategies to Get the Power & Ignite Your Career; Wealthy & Wise

Professional/Membership Affiliations: Chair, YMCA Board of Greater NY; Board Director and Executive Committee, Univ. of Iowa Foundation; Advisory Board for the School of Management at Simmons College; America's Council of the AESC; Business Committee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Women's Forum; Economic Club of NY

Experience in executive search consulting: 8 years

High Profile Placement: Lincoln Financial Group; CEO/president, Lincoln Financial Advisors, 2003

Other paths I might have pursued: TV anchor or high-profile interviewer (like Diane Sawyer)

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: The increasing speed of information will create more efficient markets and dramatically impact the delivery of more effective client solutions. Therefore, companies will need to attract the best talent and build cutting-edge technology to have a competitive advantage. Being an employer that values its people by embracing their uniqueness and getting them deeply involved will foster an environment of committed employees and be able to retain the best and the brightest.

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