Dale Winston

Chairwoman, CEO, Battalia Winston, U.S. Member Firm of Amrop Hever

Company Info: Battalia Winston, U.S. Member Firm of Amrop Hever

Web site: www.battaliawinston.com

Address: 555 Madison Ave., 19th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10022

Phone: 212-308-8080

E-mail: dwinston@battaliawinston.com

Advice: Emerging leaders must understand that obtaining industry leadership requires more than just knowledge and skill sets. The best leaders are engaging, proactive, and visible. Emerging leaders need to quickly master the fundamentals of the industries in which they operate and from that understanding develop a point of view that will help distinguish them form their peers. Become known for a particular expertise within the industry. Become ingrained in the industry by joining trade groups, affiliated groups, and organizations that impact the industry. Never pass up an opportunity to speak to an industry group. Develop deep professional relationships within that group and relentlessly expand your network. Always be on the lookout to make connections within your network; aim to become a facilitator and convener of experts.

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: Becoming a leader in today's environment requires a new set of skills. The basics—industry knowledge, superb team building, and outstanding communication skills—are a given, the cost of entry. In addition to these fundamental skills, I think today's leaders must have a truly global perspective and inquisitive mind—always looking for new approaches, new ways of getting things done. In addition, they must have a firm grasp of technology as an enabler for their business. I think a senior leader needs all of these characteristics. The "X" factor that separates the truly outstanding candidates is confidence and charisma. Are they sure-footed? Do people want to follow them? Are they forceful in their point of view without being arrogant? Are they intellectually agile—not wedded to one way of doing things?

Sector specialization: Industrial manufacturing, nonprofit, IT, consumer goods

Job function specialization: C-suite, board members

Geographical Focus: International

Companies I often recruit for: Confidential

Favorite historical figure: Eleanor Roosevelt. She was the first prominent woman in her field and was one of the crucial pioneers of the women’s movement. Without women of her pedigree making strides toward equality, we may not be where we are today.

Education: Finch College, BA, Psychology, 1970

Languages: English

Employment history: Battalia Winston International: Chairwoman and CEO, 1997 to present; Vice-Chairwoman, Americas, Amrop Hever Global Executive Search, 2007 to present; Joined Battalia & Associates in 1983 and became President in 1986. The company was renamed Battalia Winston International in 1991; Gilbert Tweed, Vice-President, 1978-83

Other interests: Golf, travel

Professional/Membership Affiliations: Vice-Chair and Board Member of Amrop Hever Group; Urology Research Program Advisory Board of the NYU School of Medicine; Board Member and Chair of the Communications Committee of the Association of Executive Search Consultants

Experience in executive search consulting: 30 years

High Profile Placement: While it may not have been the most high-profile search, one of the searches that guaranteed a lot of visibility for me personally as a search consultant happened early in my career, which is also what made it so important. I led the search for the CEO of Greenwich Air Services when the company was $50 million. The company shortly after grew from $50 million to $1 billion, and was subsequently sold to GE, enabling me to fill out their management team with 10 additional searches.

Other paths I might have pursued: Psychology

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: Global integration and interdependency will continue to impact business. Scarce commodities are also a growing concern.

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