Charley Polachi

Partner, co-founder, Polachi

Company Info: Polachi

Web site:

Address: 10 Speen St., Framingham, Mass. 01710

Phone: 508-650-1141


Advice: Get a great mentor early in your career, have annual "career audits," listen. Get out of your comfort zone regularly. Embrace change, it is inevitable; go with it or be left behind.

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: Vision and the ability to articulate it quickly and easily to multiple diverse audiences. Ability to review "lessons learned" from setbacks or failure and avoid repeating the mistakes. A rising tide lifts all boats, including the leaky ones—I want to know what an executive has learned when things didn't go well, didn't turn out as expected.

Sector specialization: Information/high technology; Clean/green technology; Venture capital/private equity

Job function specialization: General Management - CEO; Venture Capital/Private Equity - General Partner; Governance - BOD

Geographical Focus: U.S.

Companies I often recruit for: Kleiner Perkins; Fidelity Ventures; General Catalyst Partners; Kodiak Venture Partners; Atlas Ventures

Favorite historical figure: Thomas Edison. He was a prolific inventor, had numerous setbacks but pressed on and created many of the technologies we use every day.

Education: Boston College MBA 1982; College of the Holy Cross AB Biology 1975

Languages: English, Spanish

Employment history: Polachi, Partner/co-founder

Other interests: Habitat for Humanity, family, boating, scuba, tennis, farming, performing arts

Professional/Membership Affiliations: New England Clean Energy Council – member/sponsor; Vice Chairman, Citi Performing Arts Center

Experience in executive search consulting: 30 years

High Profile Placement: Segway Inc—Segway Inc. develops intelligent motion control technology known as Segway® Smart Motion™ that is embedded in the light electric transportation devices it manufactures, such as the well-known Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). Segway Smart Motion provides intelligent motion control that enables a device to monitor its environment, control its motion and make decisions about how it should move.

Other paths I might have pursued: Farmer

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: Web 2.0! The convergence of content in multiple forms and the need for mobile access to information at all times from all places will be the most significant issue. It is changing how we buy, sell, prospect, communicate, deliver goods and services. It shrinks the world!

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