Alfredo José Assumpção

CEO, partner, FESA Global Recruiters

Company Info: FESA Global Recruiters

Web site:

Address: Alameda Santos, 1800, 6th floor, São Paulo. SP. Brazil 01418-200

Phone: 55 11 3365 3800


Advice: Be of service. In our present world, where everything is connected, there is only one possibility of saving the whole planet, including all the economic and business aspects. It is: "To be of service." After all, if everything in the planet serves for something, we, as part of the planet, must also serve in our professional and personal lives. Once everybody in the corporate world is playing the role of "being of service," everybody will practice teamwork, serving each other. In this case, the human capital would be used in its plenitude. It means serving the leader, our peers, and our subordinates. This is what I call being well tuned with the organizational cross (from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and from both sides).

Qualities sought in emerging leaders: The possibility of developing other good leaders in the sense of practicing spirituality in the entire organization. "To be of service." It is easy to understand. Nowadays the great majority of leaders are found in the corporate world. It is not in the church, army, or government. So we must work to develop leaders with this mission in mind to improve the planet conditions. And once someone is a leader, he or she must keep their mission and values in mind and practice them not only inside the organization with his/her subordinates but outside the organization as well, with family, friends, neighbors—everywhere.

Sector specialization: Financial services, consumer products, retail

Job function specialization: CEOs, corporate finance managing directors and other senior officers, human capital directors, marketing and sales directors, CFOs

Geographical Focus: Brazil, other parts of Latin America

Companies I often recruit for: Unibanco; Banco Itau; Novartis; Microsoft; Avon

Favorite historical figure: Bill Clinton, for his management capability

Education: Gurdjieff Group of São Paulo, Self-Study School (3 years practicing, still studying); Pacific Western Univ., Master of Arts in Human Resources Management 1989; Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Post Graduation in Human Resource Development, 1982; Univ. of Michigan, English Language Institute, Certificate of Proficiency in English 1983; Faculdade de Economia e Financas do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bachelor degree, Economics, 1975

Languages: Portuguese, English

Employment history: FESA Global Recruiters, CEO and Founder Partner, 1995 to present; TASA AG, Partner, 1992-95; Chase Manhattan, HR Director, 1982-92; International Paint—Courtauds Group, HR Director, 1981-82; R. J. Reynods Tobacco, Labor Relations Manager, 1977-80; Kibon (General Foods), 1970-76

Other interests: Musician and composer (4 CDs recorded as an amateur artist); poet (4 books published); business book writer; cook

Professional/Membership Affiliations: Founder and director, Chase Manhattan Alumni Brazil; Member, International Who's Who of Professionals; Member, American Chamber of Commerce, Brazil; Member, Institute of Brazilian Financial Executives; Member, União Brasileira de Escritores (Brazilian Association of Writers)

Experience in executive search consulting: 16 years

High Profile Placement: Senior vice-president, corporate and investment banking, BankBoston in Brazil, 2005

Other paths I might have pursued: Human capital

The global business trend that will most influence corporate performance in the future: Human capital is the most important function in the financial industry niche because of the importance of attracting, developing, motivating and retaining the people who are going to make the business a success. The financial services companies that have the best talent will win out over their competitors. But more of that competition now hinges on the competition to attract the best talent.

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