Top 20 Asian Picks For The Most Innovative Companies in The World.

We asked senior executives in Asia for their choices of The Most Innovative Companies and here is their list. It’s a bit different from the Global 25 Most Innovative Companies. McDonalds is No. 18 on the Asia list but No. 30 in the Global list.

Asian Execs’ Top 20:

1- Apple 2- Google 3- Toyota 4- Tata 5- Nintendo 6- Nokia 7- GE 8- Reliance 9- Microsoft 10- Sony 11- Samsung 12- IBM 13- HP 14- P&G 15- 3M 16- Goldman Sachs 17- Honda 18- McDonalds 19- BMW 20- Facebook

One big question—where are the Chinese companies when it comes to innovation? Why didn’t the nearly 3,000 senior managers in the BW/BCG survey put any Chinese company on the list of Top 50 companies, much less Top 25 or even Top 20 Asian companies?

I would add Lenovo because of its innovation. You?