The New CEO Of That Viacom/Lion's Gate/MGM Cable Channel . . .

… which the world heard about yesterday, will be former Showtime exec Mark Greenberg, writes my colleague Tom Lowry, in a nice bit of breaking news you can find here.

Tom also did a yeoman’s amount of work on the story we cowrote today on the departure of Wall Street Journal managing editor Marcus Brauchli, which includes the following poignant and prescient bit of separation anxiety:

Brauchli had sought to mediate between the Journal's traditional mission and the expectations of his new bosses. At times, the strain showed. In a meeting held late last week with staffers in the Journal's San Francisco and Los Angeles bureaus, Brauchli appeared somber on the subject of his future at the newspaper.

At one point he suggested when he left the Journal, he would not have the sort of pleasant retirement that his predecessor Paul Steiger had, which prompted one attendee to cry out, "Please don't leave us!"

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