Charmin TP: Is Too Much Info the New Standard?

I was struck about two weeks ago when I watched a Charmin toilet paper ad featuring the now familiar animated bears. The one bear was vacuuming the butt of the other bear, who had used a non Charmin brand or the old Charmin nd had…um…clingo…nah….I can’t say that here…stuck to its butt.

I thought….did I just see that? I was trying to imagine what the ad was called on the internal traffic memos at ad agency Publicis and Procter & Gamble. Was it “Cling-On?” Was it…Din…oh, man…I can’t write it. My wife absolutely forbid me to use that word in a respectable blog.

Ad Age reports this: “P&G President-Global Business Units Susan Arnold summed it up at a September investor conference. Consumer research taught P&G that a substantial segment of consumers were dissatisfied with Charmin because of the paper residue, so it restaged the brand, adding a two-ply Ultra Strong version in contrast to the Ultra Soft.

A recent direct-mail piece from Charmin is even more explicit, showing sparkly pieces, apparently tissue scraps, on a bear’s behind and promising “a new kind of clean.”

“We all get it, and none of us want to talk about it,” says the brochure, which goes on to do just that. The thing we don’t want to talk about, it notes, is “that feeling when our bath tissue leaves pieces behind.”

Oh well….I actually buy Scott tissue.

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