TiVo's HD DVR Steals the Show

The affordable, standalone digital video recorder proved a big hit with this reviewer. Too bad it only works with cable

Editor's Rating:

The Good: High-definition recording; detailed program search; seamless Internet movie and music links

The Bad: Incompatible with satellite broadcast services; limited capacity; confusing room-to-room streaming

The Bottom Line: A bargain-basement set-top box that melds Internet content with broadcast television to perfection

TiVo, the pioneer of digital video recorders (DVRs), has struggled for years with a thorny problem: Many potential customers would have been willing to spring for its pricey set-top box or its $12.95 monthly subscription—but not both. Indeed, the majority of the company's customers came from a partnership, now winding down, with DirecTV that bundled TiVo's service into the satellite broadcaster's monthly bill.

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