Starbucks Innovates And Gets It Right.

I’ve been hard on Starbucks lately for the disappointing service but the coffee chain introduced a new product/service recently that is superb. The little green swizzle stick-stopper that plugs the hole in the lid is pure genius. It solves a problem by stopping the cup from spilling hot coffee on your hand as you walk. It ends the need for a flat lid that doesn’t have that hole, thus saving the planet from more throw-away garbage while saving Starbucks money as well. And it looks kinda cute, with the mermaid at the top.

It doesn’t take millions to create a better consumer experience. In fact, you can save millions by designing one. Now, how did Starbucks come up with this innovation? Did it do vast amounts of anthropological research on customers scorching themselves walking out of stores? Or did some employee come up with the idea?

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