From TV to the Web with American Idol

Last night American Idol presented its annual

Last night American Idol presented its annual “Idol Gives Back” special, where it reaches out to its viewers to donate money to a variety of charities. At one point in the evening, pop star Alicia Keys came on to support charity Keep a Child Alive with this heart-tugging video:

I always wonder how many people actually do go online after something like this. This one ends, as you can see, with a call to go to the Web and watch a movie about her trip to Africa. American Idol’s broadcast Wednesday night had 17.8 million viewers, according to Nielsen. Since last night, according to the Night Agency, which put together, there were 22,259 unique visitors to the site, 7,222 of which watched the 45-minute video until the end. The “Alicia in Africa” myspace page has 1,400 friends (the site and the MySpace page launched in tandem with the Idol appearance). The agency’s now promoting it online as well — I’m curious how that will match up with this major TV mention.

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