Customer Retention, Online and Offline

Typically we think of promotions as a way for new customers to learn about our business. So it’s worth remembering that retaining customers and growing revenue within your existing client base is less expensive and more reliable than finding new customers.

Make sure your in-store promotions leverage and reinforce your online branding and messaging so that when your customers find themselves online, they recognize and respond to your campaigns. Plus, if you set up your campaigns to help track customer behavior, you will find your revenue stream becomes more predictable. One example would be to ask customers to bring in a previous receipt and save on their next purchase.

It’s true that most small business owners are too busy running their business to focus on tracking traffic, Web hits, and respondent data. Consider a few easy tricks that will help you. Add unique content in your online promotions so you can measure the impact when consumers respond. It’s fairly simple to include a coupon or promotional code on a special offer—this makes it very easy to measure the impact of a given campaign.

By integrating your online presence with your in-store promotions, you reward people interacting with both your online and offline campaigns. This encourages loyalty and ultimately builds the value of your existing customer relationships.

Josh Walker CEO CityVoter Cambridge, Mass.

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