Books and the Power of We?

Check out my story about WEbook.

Check out my story about WEbook.

“It works for Wikipedia, but can the power of the crowd extend to writing books? A new startup called WEbook is tackling that very question with a new service that’s open to anyone who wants to help write a book. Like the open-source software movement and Wikipedia’s collaborative encyclopedia entries, WEbook is betting that the “all contributors welcome” approach can bring more creativity and innovation to a book project than an individual or a small group of experts.”

It’s an interesting concept and one attempt at bringing books into the digital age. But I tend to agree with Jeremiah Oywang, who told me”

“Still, books might not lend themselves very well to a group effort. The problem, says Jeremiah Owyang, an analyst at Forrester Research, is that completing a book with a single vision with dozens of authors is a challenge. Take some of the popular wikis out there. When you look closely, the writing style and content structure tend to vary from entry to entry, he says.”

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