Aramark Preps for Olympic Feeding Frenzy

Despite all the controversy, the U.S. caterer plans to use its contract at the Beijing Games to expand its presence in China's enormous market
General view of the ceremony of the final stop of the Beijing olympic torch relay at the Charlety stadium in Paris on April 7, 2008. PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images

With four months to go, the Beijing Olympics have already become a magnet for anti-China protests (, 3/27/08). Activists protested at the launch of the Olympic torch relay in Olympia, Greece, in late March and disrupted the flame's procession in London on Apr. 6 and in Paris on Apr. 7. Pro-Tibet groups are gearing up to demonstrate when the Olympic torch is carried in San Francisco on Apr. 9. Politicians in Europe and the U.S. are calling for boycotts of the opening ceremony to protest not only China's Tibet policies, but also Beijing's support for the governments of Sudan and Burma.

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