What I told the PR people about BW, Blogspotting, and me

Just got back from a PCNY luncheon where four other journalists and I told a roomful of PR people how we do our jobs (and where pr fits in). These were my points: * I get about 100 pitches a day and read two or three. Subject lines are vital. * I don’t care about “embargoed” news. It just means someone else will get it 10 minutes later. One new idea is worth 100 new facts. * I’d love to meet certain execs and researchers when they come through NY (but it’s almost impossible to know which, since every story is different). * I do very little to goose the circulation of this blog. But when I launch a book blog in the next month or two, I’ll be brazen. * I Twitter @stevebaker. I don’t know exactly where it fits into my strategy or coverage, but it’s fun.

My colleagues on the panel were Jeff Bercovici of Portfolio, Rachel Sklar of Huffington Post, Wendy Davis of Mediapost, and Chris Rovzar of New York Magazine. I think I was the only one with ink-smudged fingers.

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