What I told the PR people about BW, Blogspotting, and me

Just got back from a PCNY luncheon where four other journalists and I told a roomful of PR people how we do our jobs (and where pr fits in). These were my points: * I get about 100 pitches a day and read two or three. Subject lines are vital. * I don’t care about “embargoed” news. It just means someone else will get it 10 minutes later. One new idea is worth 100 new facts. * I’d love to meet certain execs and researchers when they come through NY (but it’s almost impossible to know which, since every story is different). * I do very little to goose the circulation of this blog. But when I launch a book blog in the next month or two, I’ll be brazen. * I Twitter @stevebaker. I don’t know exactly where it fits into my strategy or coverage, but it’s fun.

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