Foreign Markets Finding Their Feet

Many overseas markets have stabilized and look to be tracing out bottoming patterns very similar to the U.S.

If only every day could be Tuesday, we all could retire very quickly. Three of the last four Tuesdays (the day without a feel, according to Seinfeld's buddy/nemesis Newman) have been downright phenomenal and certainly have a very good feel of late. On Tuesday, Mar. 11, the S&P 500 jumped 3.7%, on Mar. 18, the "500" soared 4.2%, and on Apr. 1, the index surged 3.6%. These three days have been the biggest one-day gainers since October, 2002. Who knows, since the seasonal patterns have not been working well of late, maybe a Tuesday portfolio is all we need to trounce the market. Personally, I could deal with a one-day week very well.

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