Brand Reinforcement, Online and Offline

As audiences continue to fragment, integration is increasingly essential to the success of a promotional campaign. One-off promotions and offers have less of an impact on your prospective and existing customers than an integrated message. A multi-point coordinated campaign with a consistent look and feel that promotes the same offer encourages your clients to engage with your business through their chosen method, and move through the pipeline to become a sale.

Consistency is key. When customers see an offer or message online that doesn’t relate to what they see in the store, it triggers doubt, skepticism, and confusion—three things that rarely lead to a buying decision or the development of brand loyalty. If you don’t maintain the look and feel of your company brand, you leave customers to make their own assumptions.

With all the user-generated content increasingly available online about small businesses, it is imperative that you keep your own messages integrated and consistent. Otherwise customers will not be able to distinguish you from competitors, or worse, will get frustrated and not bother trying.

By combining the impact of your online and in-store promotions, you reinforce your brand and reach new customers. At the same time, you ensure your existing customers are engaged in your current promotions.

Josh Walker CEO CityVoter Cambridge, Mass.

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