The Numerati: it's up on Amazon

Stephen Baker's The Numerati is listed on Amazon, and comes out on Sept. 16.

Just saw on a random search this morning that my upcoming book, The Numerati, is now listed on Amazon. (UPDATE: Now it’s up on B&N) The page is bare still, with no cover art or description. I guess they’ll add details from the Houghton-Mifflin catalog in a few days. Meantime, here’s the pdf of the catalog pages. Download file As you can see, the book comes out in September. Around that time I’m going to be doing a two-week media tour on the east and west coasts (plus Pittsburgh). If anyone has ideas for get-togethers, readings, podcasts, or events during that time (or earlier) I’m all ears. I’ll be happy, I should add, to detour off the coasts. (I’m busy lining up one event in Alpine, Texas.)

By the way, if anyone bothers to read those catalog pages, a quick disclaimer: I used to write occasional op-eds for the Boston Globe and L.A. Times. But the papers I actually worked at were humbler outposts, such as The El Paso Herald-Post, The Black River Tribune, and the (Caracas) Daily Journal. One more thing: That Jonas Salk line is supposed to run across the top of two pages. It’s confusing in the pdf.

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