The Real Reason Behind Google's Challenges

Forget about the economy. I just discovered a new reason why Google might be slowing down. It’s those lefties running the place.

Here’s a sampling of some astute analysis from a few incisive commenters on my story in this week’s magazine on Google and the controversy over whether paid clicks are slowing down:

i try to never use google they are evil hate america and will do anything to make more money to make BIG BROTHER a reality that they control wake up now and avoid the GMEN

There’s no mystery to Google’s falling ad revenues and stock price. Like the left-wing newspapers that are experiencing the same poor economic returns, it is a public reaction to their biased positions. Just last weekend, the left-wing bias of Google again frothed to the top, as they “shut off the lights” for an hour in support of the Global Warming Hoax”. This afternoon I just mailed a letter telling them I no longer would use their services, and consequently would not see their clients’ ads. Mainstream folks are sick of the left-wing agenda being shoved down our throats to make us think that their agendas bespeak mainstream thought. Enough is enough; just say NO.

Well, maybe Google will wake and recognize that the majority don’t buy into their environmental/Global Climate Change crap! I dumped Google the minute I found out about their support of Al Gore and his stupidity!

So, now you know.

Perhaps you won’t be surprised that the story managed to get flagged on the Drudge Report yesterday.

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