As journalists leave, they abandon the ad economy

I’m going for to a send-off party this p.m. for two longtime colleagues, Frank Comes and Mary Kuntz. They’re moving to McKinsey Quarterly. Now I’m thinking about other recent departures from BusinessWeek, and it seems that a number of them have one thing in common: They’re distancing themselves from the advertising economy.

Mary and Frank are going to McKinsey, a consultancy. Mike France, a senior editor, is heading to the Brunswick Group, a corporate communications company. Dawn Kopecki of our Washington bureau will join the steady stream of journalists leaving papers and magazines for Bloomberg—a refuge from advertising. Eamon Javers left for, which depends on ads, but the more buoyant online variety. I hear he also got a book deal: No ads. Of course, the traffic moves both ways. Journalists are also coming here, including Steve Levine. But those who leave, for the most part, step away from tumultuous advertising.

One notable exception: Paul Barrett, an assistant managing editor, left a few months ago to return to The Wall Street Journal. And guess what? He’s coming back.

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