Learning from Millennials

Businesses rely on seasoned workers to take the lead in their businesses. However, it’s crucial that companies take into consideration the benefits that "millennials" (those born from 1980 on) can bring to the workplace. While veteran workers have a head start, there are several positive ways that millennials differ from other generations in the workplace:

• Edge. They are the "Informed Generation," with much better access to information than the generations before them. Their familiarity with finding data via the Internet also makes them more capable of making informed choices about employers, and subsequently more likely to ask their employer, "What’s in it for me?"

• Drive. This generation has also grown up with a greater inclination for immediate gratification, which consequently makes them want to see results faster.

• Goals. They are interested in quality of life and work/life balance at an earlier age than their parents. Finding this balance early on leads to greater productivity.

Millennials can have a positive and productive impact on your workplace environment, but you need to be sure to help integrate their strengths into the workforce while developing their talent if they are to contribute successfully.

Bob Kustka HR Consultant Norwell, Mass.

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